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Armstrong Association Employment Office
This photograph depicts the Armstrong Association Employment Office in 1912. The Armstrong Association was a private organization that then in 1957 became affiliated with the National Urban League in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This shows the office…

Ralph Jones
Still photograph of Ralph Jones. Jones was college educated at Howard University and went on to become a journalist with both the Independent and the Tribune.

Industries Employing Colored Men
A list of businesses hiring African American men. The list includes the companies, and the number of wanted by skill level.

Edgar Campbell, Philadelphia Democratic Party Leader
Edgar Campbell, Philadelphia Democratic Party leader, in 1968

Armstrong Association Group Photo
Group photo taken of the Armstrong Association of Philadelpia, circa 1930

Volunteers dispensing coffee and sandwiches outside headquarters of the Philadelphia County Emergency Relief Committee, 1450 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA
A photograph of residents of Philadelphia, PA, standing in line to receive coffee and sandwiches outside of the headquarters of the Philadelphia County Emergency Relief Committee.

1242 Kater Street
An image of several outhouses near laundry hanging on clotheslines at 1242 Kater Street, Philadelphia, Pa. A water pump, carts near debris, and the exterior of adjacent houses are also visible.

Seger Playground
This image captures the early playground equipment in Seger Park following the block's demolition and the erection of the recreation center.

Protest March Outside Girard College, 1965
A march consisting of both Black and White people being led together by members of both the Black and White clergy in front of Girard College.

Cecil B. Moore Smoking a Cigar
Cecil B. Moore is smoking a cigar, shaking one man's hand while pointing to another cigar-smoker. He is leaving Holmesburg Prison after serving nine hours of a six-day term.

Black Teamster City Sanitation Deptartment
A Black sanitation worker, collecting trash using horses.

Cecil B. Moore Speaking at Girard College
Attorney Cecil B. Moore, president of the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter, is speaking to a group of civil rights protesters at Girard College. He led the campaign to integrate Girard College.

"Dr. James H. Dunham" c. 1934
This is a photo of Dr. James H. Dunham who was the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Temple University in the 1930's.

"Temple University Medical School Anatomy Laboratory" C. 1900
This is a photo of Temple University Medical School's anatomy laboratory. It is significant because there are multiple African American students in the class, this was before they started to not allow them in the program.

Anatomy lab inside of Temple University Medical School
This is a photo of a Temple University Medical School anatomy lab. The photo is significant because there are no African American students in the class.

814 N Hancock Street
Two children play along the street while their mother does laundry. A man lounges in the background and two people look down from the second story windows of the central house. This photograph shows a glimpse of the poor housing conditions southern…

Woman ironing
1218 North Hutchinson Street in Philadelphia, a view of Mrs. Payton ironing, with Robert Lee standing in the doorway. The photograph was taken by the Housing Association of Delaware Valley, known at the time of the photograph as the Philadelphia…

Newly Dedicated Home of the O.V. Catto Lodge of Elks
One of the largest African-American organizations in Philadelphia, the O.V. Catto Elks Lodge swelled from 600 members in 1921 to over 3,000 by 1926. That year, the wealthy Forrest White Woodard, who ran an illegal “numbers” gambling operation, gave…

Starr Garden Pool
Children playing in a pool a Starr Garden at 617 Rodman Street. Site of the College Settlement and the W. E. B. DuBois House, Starr Garden offered social services and opportunities to the poor, immigrants, and African Americans. These services…
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