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A poster advertising the upcoming showing of Nannie H. Burroughs' pageant that showcases the abilities of black women as potential workers outside of the home.

The Philadelphia Tribune's photo supplement featuresCitizens' & Southern Banking Company, claiming it as the most "Progressive Financial Institution" and the "Finest Bank Building of the Race in the North." The pictorial features the president of…

hobson reynolds.pdf
Hobson Reynolds, a black activist who proposed an equal rights bill in 1934, advertises a health product in 1930.

Room for rent.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for rooms to be rented including Christian, Masters, and Locust Streets, among others.

Newspaper ad to see the Lafayette Players at the Dunbar Theater in 1921.

An advertisement for Emmett J. Scott's book on the American Negro during the First World War. The advertisement boldly claims Scott's book as the only "official" and "authentic" history of the American Negro in the " Great World War."

An advertisement for Hupmobiles, 1909. Hupmobiles were smaller, four cylinder cars produced from 1909 through 1940.

Republican because.jpg
A political advertisement in order to convince African Americans to vote Republican. Asks African Americans to compare principles and practices of the Republican and Democratic Parties in order to help determine which party to support. Lists reasons…

This flyer advertised a public meeting of Amos M. Scott, the first elected black magistrate.

An advertisement for a public meeting discussing a plan for the Negroes Salvation during the Great Depression.

An advertisement for the first Afro-American Business Day in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917. The Armstrong Association, a organization which provided services and information to the black migrants of Philadelphia endorsed the Business Day.

Howard University.jpg
An advertisement for Howard University, a historically black university in Washington D.C. The university was originally founded in 1867 as a theological seminary, but was expanded to included a college of liberal arts and medicine. The university…
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