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Levee Campc1900.jpg
A Mississippi River Levee Camp. Charles Vance never worked on a levee camp in Mississippi, but this photo of a levee camp represents what he may have experienced working in one.

Hahnemann Hospital.jpg
A photograph of Hahnemann Hospital 222-236 North Broad Street

Ship Charles Vance sailed on from Hamburg back to the U.S.

A passenger list from the ship, Albert Ballin, deaprting Hamburg, Germany on March 4, 1927 and arriving in New York City, New York April 4th, 1927. This was the ship Charles Vance sailed on.

An image of Charles Vance from 1984.

Negro Colonies Lost.pdf
A newspaper account of the situation faced by blacks in Germany, focusing on the city of Leipzig. This provides further context to Charles Vance's interview where he relates what he dealt with while stranded in Hamburg, Germany.

Barratt Nite School.JPG
Newspaper account of the Barratt and Reynolds night elementary schools. The last two of fifteen such schools opened after the First World War. Despite the budget shortfalls and the other schools closing, these two continued to grow and thrive.…

laundry workers.jpg
An account of work in the laundry industry during the Great Depression. The interviewee did not work in the same laundry that Charles Vance worked in during the Depression. This interview elaborates on the harsh working conditions of the laundry…

Adults Seize Oppurtunity to Acquire Education.pdf
An account of night classes in basic education held at Philadelphia schools for AfricanAmerican students. Charles Vance personally attended night classes offered at Barratt Middle School as part of the Barratt Evening School program.
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