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A Philadelphia Tribune article advertising St. Mark's Building and Loan Association.

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A photograph of residents of Philadelphia, PA, standing in line to receive coffee and sandwiches outside of the headquarters of the Philadelphia County Emergency Relief Committee.

This article argues that white employers are taking advantage of black women in domestic services during the Great Depression. Supposedly, because of the surplus of labor during this time, the white employer lowers the wages of their house servants…

JPEG $5 Weekly is Average for Domestic Aide.jpg
Contrasting Miss Evelyn Shuler's account of the "unwillingness" of Black relief receivers to accept available domestic jobs, Edgar W. Roster presented the harsh reality of low wages through advertisements. Instead of toiling long hours each week for…

tindley letter 1.pdf
Dr. Charles Tindley of East Calvary Church writes a letter to the Philadelphia Tribune and its leaders calling them to action to raise funds for a General Relief Fund. The African American community in Philadelphia was struggling due to many men…

An advertisement for a public meeting discussing a plan for the Negroes Salvation during the Great Depression.
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