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North 44th Street.png
A photo of the rowhouses on North 44th Street in Philadelphia. This neighborhood, Mantua, in West Philadelphia was where many moved to escape the congestion of South Philadelphia in the 1920s.

814 N Hancock 1928 PHA copy 3.jpg
Two children play along the street while their mother does laundry. A man lounges in the background and two people look down from the second story windows of the central house. This photograph shows a glimpse of the poor housing conditions southern…

Room for rent.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for rooms to be rented including Christian, Masters, and Locust Streets, among others.

This is an image of homes on 58th street, a block in West Philadelphia of housing for black families.

Atkinson discusses the need for equality and recognition of the African Americans living within the city, appealing to the patriotism and work ethic his race has displayed.
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