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NAACP 1943 UA.jpg
Philadelphia NAACP membership, Isadore Martin Sr, seated on left, 1943

Postcard Image of Beard Hall at the Joseph K. Brick School in Enfield, North Carolina where Isadore Martin Sr. served as treasurer before his migration North.

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The Hotel Dale was built by E.W. Dale, and a conglomeration of prominent African American Philadelphians, which include Isadore Martin Sr. The Hotel Dale was meant to stand out as an African American owned and operated establishment, which catered…

Stanley Theatre.jpg
The Stanley Theatre located on the corner of 16th Street and Market Street segregated African Americans in the gallery of the theatre, separate from White patrons. I. Maximilian Martin Jr. became involved in the desegregation of the theatre when he…

Bricks School.jpg
Joseph K. Bricks was an industrial school in Enfield, North Carolina. Martin Sr. served as the school's treasurer. In his dealings with a local bank he experienced blatant racism from the banks president.

Real Estate Transaction-page-001.jpg
Tribune page advertising real estate in Philadelphia. Isadore Martin Sr.'s description advertises real estate and fire insurance.

Martin Meet-page-001.jpg
Tribune article discussing a meeting between Real Estate Brokers Association members, including Isadore Martin Sr.
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