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tobacco factory.jpg
In this picture, an African-American woman strips the center stems from tobacco. In some factories, employers paid women by "piecework" whereas others would pay by punch cards. Each pan of tobacco was one punch, generally worth about twenty-fiveā€¦

An image of four African-American women working on a railroad in 1942.

An African-American railroad worker handles freight at the Pennsylvania Railroad Yards in 1938.

The first unit of female railroad workers near Downingtown, PA.

Machine Shop Workers in Philadelphia circa 1938.

Armstrong Association Tenth Annual Report (1918) featured a picture of African-American girls working in a factory.

A photograph of mixed race workers at a brickyard in Haverstraw, NY. When James Plunkett first left Virginia, he worked at a brickyard in Haverstraw for the summer in 1917.

Black_Laborers Wilington snd Northern RR near New Bridge.jpg
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."
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