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Indianapolis Freeman - Nov 26, 1898 - Manly cartoon.jpg
A political cartoon from The Freeman, an African-American newspaper in Indianapolis, depicting the burning of Alexander Manly's offices in Wilmington, NC, in 1898.

Howard University.jpg
An advertisement for Howard University, a historically black university in Washington D.C. The university was originally founded in 1867 as a theological seminary, but was expanded to included a college of liberal arts and medicine. The university…

Still image of an African American newsboy.

Color Line.jpg
Political Cartoon depicting the "color line" and race relations .

Portest Meeting.jpg
Newspaper article discussing plans for a protest meeting after police brutality.

Newspaper graphic representing the need for vision in African American business. Represents Philadelphia as the "city of opportunity" with significant achievements of the African American community radiating out of the center.

Ralph Jones Urban Archoves Daily News.jpg
Still photograph of Ralph Jones. Jones was college educated at Howard University and went on to become a journalist with both the Independent and the Tribune.
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