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Hilldale Club circa 1930 .jpg
Also known as the Darby Daises, The Hilldale Club was a professional African American professional baseball team in Darby, PA.

out (1).pdf
Tindley Temple United Methodist Church honors Ralph Jones for his dedication to service and the community, serving as Superintended to the Sunday School for thirty two years.

Wiliiam Credit-page-001.jpg
Philadelphia Tribune photo and description of William Creditt

Portest Meeting.jpg
Newspaper article discussing plans for a protest meeting after police brutality.

Dual List Article.jpg
A short article from The Philadelphia Tribune which discusses a proposal to merge the dual lists of both African-American and white teachers. The dual lists excluded many African-Americans from the field of education.

Bethel Church.jpg
Newspaper article from the Philadelphia Tribune regarding Bethel A.M.E's hosting of the annual conference for the Allen Christian Endeavor League of Philadelphia. Bethel is praised for leading in membership.

jones tribune 2.jpg
Short article in the Philadelphia Tribune regarding Ralph Jones's gold medal in Central High School's oratorical contest. He was awarded the medal at the schools graduation ceremony although he was not a member of the graduating class. The article…

Migration Article.jpg
Newspaper article from the Philadelphia Tribune. The article cites population statistics that indicate African- American population had decreased in Philadelphia in the period of 1880-1920. In the period from 1910-1920, the greatest increases,…

Matthew Anderson, Berean School Article.JPG
This article discusses the establishment of the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School on South College Avenue in North Philadelphia. The article delves into Dr. Anderson's logic behind the establishment of his institution, which was physical…

NAACP Drive Expected To Go Over The Top.pdf
This article explains that, after a great start, the N.A.A.C.P. membership campaign was expected to be a great success. The campaign ran from April 27th to May 12th, with an objective of gathering 2,500 members. The purpose of gathering these new…

Segregation in NAACP Article.JPG
This article announced that the N.A.A.C.P. would be addressing segregation in Philadelphia at their Fifteenth Annual Conference. This conference was held between June 25th and July 2nd, 1934.

Philadelphia Tribune Nurse to Work Among Race.pdf
Miss Jane C. Turner, R.N., was appointed by the Philadelphia Health Council to organize a Negro Health Club. The purpose of this club was to promote the health of the African-American community through educational activities and assisting the…

Metropolitan Jim Crow Plan Hits Philadelphia.pdf
African-Americans policy holders with the Metropolitan Insurance Company were outraged when they were informed that a separate, "Negroes only," office would be set up for policy holders of color. This plan stated that African-American policy holders…

Ernest Daddy Wright.pdf
The article recounts how a speeding car hit Ernest "Daddy" Wright's car at 4 in the morning, detailing injuries. Officials filed no criminal charges due to the perpetrator's intent to pay for medical attention of those injured.

royal theater.pdf
The article advertises upcoming performances at the Royal Theater, including Floodgates, The Guilty One, The Plundererand Broadway After Dark.

First African Baptist.pdf
The article describes the N.A.A.C.P.'s efforts to recruit support for its causes and receive donations for the First African Baptist Church as well as other citizens and families of Philadelphia.

First African Baptist Church.jpg
The article explains the reception held for Dr. Wm. A. Harrod after serving as pastor for a year. The article states that the Pastor has done a fa nominal job with his sermons and sets the standards for those at the First African Baptist Church.

Hog Island Seg.jpg
This Philadelphia Tribune article, written by C. E. Wells, documents the end to segregation at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The article discusses the long time struggle of the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. to end segregation at the government run shipbuilding…

Berean Savings and Loan Ad.PNG
This short newspaper advertisement from the Philadelphia Tribune invites potential customers to attend a meeting of the Berean Building and Loan Association. The text encourages members to deposit their funds with a building and loan association over…

The Philadelphia Tribune's photo supplement featuresCitizens' & Southern Banking Company, claiming it as the most "Progressive Financial Institution" and the "Finest Bank Building of the Race in the North." The pictorial features the president of…
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