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Hagley Night_Fire_Fighters original.jpg
A photo of Night Fire Fighters from South Philadelphia with a fire engine in 1919.

The Hotel Brotherhood, on 1523 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1883 to provide medical benefits for African-American hotel workers. It is one of the earliest examples of a union designed to represent African-Americans,…

Photo of William Vare, member of the Philadelphia Republican Vare Machine. Along with his brothers, George and Edwin, the Vare's controlled a large portion of South Philadelphia.

South Street at 22nd Street looking West, the neighborhood in which many African-American migrants settled and the center of Black entertainment in South Philadelphia.

Program President of Liberia 1 1921 CH.jpg
C. D. B. King, President of the Republic of Liberia, visited Philadelphia in May, 1921. King was honored at a luncheon hosted at the Hotel Dale, one of very few African American owned and operated hotels in Philadelphia. King chose to stay at the…

cbec8ee855995fa4163d3ba1d188302a JPG.jpg
The Hotel Dale was built by E.W. Dale, and a conglomeration of prominent African American Philadelphians, which include Isadore Martin Sr. The Hotel Dale was meant to stand out as an African American owned and operated establishment, which catered…

1242 Kater Street.jpg
An image of several outhouses near laundry hanging on clotheslines at 1242 Kater Street, Philadelphia, Pa. A water pump, carts near debris, and the exterior of adjacent houses are also visible.

Room for rent.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for rooms to be rented including Christian, Masters, and Locust Streets, among others.

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