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According to the article, the estimated amount of money African Americans spend on insurance is nearly two billion dollars, but only about three-million dollars was spent on insurance from African American insurance companies.

This is a newspaper clipping about how Citizens and Southern Bank and Trust Company has helped businesses in Philadelphia. The article rallies for a collective effort in helping businesses succeed and urges readers to open accounts with the bank.

An advertisement for the first Afro-American Business Day in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917. The Armstrong Association, a organization which provided services and information to the black migrants of Philadelphia endorsed the Business Day.

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Invitation from The Citizens' and Southern (C & S) Banking Company in Philadelphia to begin banking with them. Detailed description of some banking regulations as well as advice to save money in order to buy a home. C & S originally was headquartered…

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An advertisement for the first "Afro-American Business Day" in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917, which encouraged citizens to support local black small businesses in order for these enterprises to flourish.

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A flyer for events held by the National Negro Business League, an American organization founded in 1900 by Booker T. Washington in Boston, MA to promote the economic development of African Americans. The flyer lists events for the week from August 18…
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