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1218 North Hutchinson Street in Philadelphia, a view of Mrs. Payton ironing, with Robert Lee standing in the doorway. The photograph was taken by the Housing Association of Delaware Valley, known at the time of the photograph as the Philadelphia…

Photo of domestic servants waiting for a street car to go to work early in the morning. In the South, as in the North, many African-American women worked as domestic servants in White homes.

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This article provides tips for housekeepers, including cooking and cleaning tricks and best practices. Many African American female readers would likely have worked as domestic servants in white homes.

This article argues that white employers are taking advantage of black women in domestic services during the Great Depression. Supposedly, because of the surplus of labor during this time, the white employer lowers the wages of their house servants…

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Contrasting Miss Evelyn Shuler's account of the "unwillingness" of Black relief receivers to accept available domestic jobs, Edgar W. Roster presented the harsh reality of low wages through advertisements. Instead of toiling long hours each week for…

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This newspaper article describes how interactions between Black domestic workers and their White employers define the White perception of the Black race. The article implores the population of domestic workers to uphold a higher standard of service,…
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