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Berean female students Bell, HSP.jpg
As a response to the growing social problems of urban industry in Philadelphia, Dr. Matthew Anderson founded the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School in 1899. The school trained African American workers who migrated to Philadelphia. This…

Berean, students 1933 Bell HSP.jpg
As a response to the growing social problems of urban industry in Philadelphia, Dr. Matthew Anderson founded the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School in 1899. The school trained African-American workers who migrated to Philadelphia. Pictured,…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH027_001.jpg
A poster outlining the upcoming political, educational, and civic rally for black empowerment.

This is an article summarizing the discussion at the Tuskegee Conference that took place two weeks prior to the article's publication. Booker T. Washington intended for the Tuskegee conferences to make sure that African Americans were receiving a…

jones tribune 2.jpg
Short article in the Philadelphia Tribune regarding Ralph Jones's gold medal in Central High School's oratorical contest. He was awarded the medal at the schools graduation ceremony although he was not a member of the graduating class. The article…

The article considers the relation of home-life and education, asserting that girls develop the skills of domestic work at both home and at school. In contrast, the author provides advice for keeping male pupils' stuborness and determination in…

tindley emancipation.pdf
Rev. Tindley promotes the importance of African American education for the future in his Emancipation address at Zion Baptist Church. He believes that the combination of "trained hands and an educated head" creates a model citizen.

Boll Weevil.JPG
This article argues that the Boll Weevil is not responsible for the Black Exodus from the south but rather, people came up north for economic reasons, including better wages, better hours, and a better education.

Atkinson discusses the need for equality and recognition of the African Americans living within the city, appealing to the patriotism and work ethic his race has displayed.

Adults Seize Oppurtunity to Acquire Education.pdf
An account of night classes in basic education held at Philadelphia schools for AfricanAmerican students. Charles Vance personally attended night classes offered at Barratt Middle School as part of the Barratt Evening School program.

Barratt Nite School.JPG
Newspaper account of the Barratt and Reynolds night elementary schools. The last two of fifteen such schools opened after the First World War. Despite the budget shortfalls and the other schools closing, these two continued to grow and thrive.…

Dual List Article.jpg
A short article from The Philadelphia Tribune which discusses a proposal to merge the dual lists of both African-American and white teachers. The dual lists excluded many African-Americans from the field of education.

EducationalFacilitiesinSouth, 1928.pdf
This article describes the deplorable education provided in the south and the downfalls of the educational system. It suggests that northerners had a poor outlook on southerners migrating up because of the lack of proper education.

This is a photograph of Booker T. Washington

central high school photo.jpg
Previously located on Broad and Green Street, Central High School was the best of the public boys schools in Philadelphia, PA. Neo-Gothic architecture.

West Phila High.jpg
An image of West Philadelphia High School taken on October 19, 1934 with students in front of the building.

School Teachers.jpg
Twelve African-American practice teachers pose outside. Howard University in Washington D.C. , is a historically Black university founded in 1867

Howard University.jpg
An advertisement for Howard University, a historically black university in Washington D.C. The university was originally founded in 1867 as a theological seminary, but was expanded to included a college of liberal arts and medicine. The university…

wright, sr.jpg
Richard R. "Major" Wright, Sr (1853-1947) became a leader in African-American education in Georgia, founding Ware High School in Atlanta, the first public school in the state to permit Black enrollment, and serving as president of the Georgia State…
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