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Vistors at Woodside Park ride the Mt. Scenic Railway Ride. Woodside Park was an amusement park built in Fairmount Park that was similar to Coney Island. While most rides were open to both White and Black visitors, the dance hall and swimming pool…

Color Line.jpg
Political Cartoon depicting the "color line" and race relations .

This article discusses the recent rise of of the Ku Klux Klan throughout the country. According to the article, prominent black leaders in Philadelphia recently received threatening letters from the white supremacist group.

This article is about how a southern census taker in Philadelphia assaulted a sixteen year old girl. The article implies that those from the south are more abusive to the black race than northerners.

Negro Colonies Lost.pdf
A newspaper account of the situation faced by blacks in Germany, focusing on the city of Leipzig. This provides further context to Charles Vance's interview where he relates what he dealt with while stranded in Hamburg, Germany.

Philadelphia Race Riot.pdf
This letter to the editor by T.D. Adkins, pastor of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, praised the Tribune's coverage of the Philadelphia Race Riot of 1918. He preached for a more peaceful Philadelphia and society in general between the races.

Atkinson discusses the need for equality and recognition of the African Americans living within the city, appealing to the patriotism and work ethic his race has displayed.

Frank W. N. Moore writes in response to a letter previously printed in the Evening Public Ledger on the subject of racial equality and the involvement of African Americans in World War I.

JPEG $5 Weekly is Average for Domestic Aide.jpg
Contrasting Miss Evelyn Shuler's account of the "unwillingness" of Black relief receivers to accept available domestic jobs, Edgar W. Roster presented the harsh reality of low wages through advertisements. Instead of toiling long hours each week for…

JPEG domestic service.jpg
This newspaper article describes how interactions between Black domestic workers and their White employers define the White perception of the Black race. The article implores the population of domestic workers to uphold a higher standard of service,…

This article seems advanced in its psychological analysis that the African American man of the time was influenced by the racial inferiority that society exhibits. This inferiority produces an "odd color psychology" where the black man believes that…
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