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pa rr broad 1921.jpg
Broad Street Station played a serious role in the First Great Migration. Southern migrants would arrive here, where different employers, churches, and community organizers would meet them to help them adjust to their new lives in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Station.jpg
At the entrance to West Philadelphia Station (32nd Street Station), people are waiting for their train or waiting for people to arrive off the train.

An image of four African-American women working on a railroad in 1942.

The first unit of female railroad workers near Downingtown, PA.

Construction of railroad tracks in Philadelphia September 6 1922.jpg
Image of African American workers along the tracks in Philadelphia.

Image of African American railroad workers on the job in 1917.

Postcard photograph of the Florida East Coast Railway's first train arriving in Key West. The train arrived on January 22, 1912 carrying the railroad's president and financier, Henry M. Flagler .

A selection of blues and hollers from the Library of Congress

Negro Colonies Lost.pdf
A newspaper account of the situation faced by blacks in Germany, focusing on the city of Leipzig. This provides further context to Charles Vance's interview where he relates what he dealt with while stranded in Hamburg, Germany.

Black_Laborers Wilington snd Northern RR near New Bridge.jpg
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."
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