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Harvey Wilson 1979.jpg
A photo of Harvey L. Wilson at Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1979. This photo was taking just before he celebrated his 99th birthday.

Emma Wilson 1956.jpg
A portrait photo of Emma Wilson, a member of Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, PA. Mother Bethel was founded in 1794 and continues to have a strong community impact on African Americans in Philadelphia.

Mother bethel church 1971.jpg
A photograph of Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church located at South 6th and Lombard Streets. This was a popular church for those migrating to Philadelphia from the South in the early 1900s. Religious communities were enormous support…

This is a photo of a large outdoor religious meeting of African Americans one night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is a photo of a large gathering of children at a Philadelphia church meeting.

Bethel Church.jpg
Newspaper article from the Philadelphia Tribune regarding Bethel A.M.E's hosting of the annual conference for the Allen Christian Endeavor League of Philadelphia. Bethel is praised for leading in membership.

Jones Mens Day.jpg
Newspaper Article from the Philadelphia Tribune which discusses Ralph Jones's keynote address at the 85th anniversary service for St. Simon's Church. Jones spoke on the theme "This Time is Mine".

Hayre, RW Collection_Bishop RC Ransom_001.jpg
Photographic Portrait of Reverend R. C. Ransom--an African American Reverend and an editor of A. M. E. Review in Philadelphia during the Great Migration.
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