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Dr. Russell Minton's Interview

Russell MintonListen to and explore the curated OHMS index for Russell Minton's interview, created by Sarah Budzik and Jason Miller in Spring 2016. 

Dr. Russell F. Minton (c. 1900-1997) graduated from medical school in 1929 and became a radiologist at Mercy Hospital in 1940. Minton held many positions during his career, including Medical Director of the merged Mercy-Douglass Hospital from 1949 to 1953. He was also the first African-American physician to be appointed as a medical officer of the Civil Service Commission’s Philadelphia regional office. He worked in this position until he retired in 1975. Minton struggled to prove himself in a field still governed by segregation, even in this northern city. Even after the hospitals opened their doors to Black doctors, many patients—both Black and White—still believed that White doctors were superior.