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Royal Poinciana Hotel, Palm Beach, Fla.
This photograph depicts the Hotel Poinciana in Palm Beach, Florida, between 1910 and 1920.

Atlantic City, New Jersey
A photograph of Atlantic City in the summer time.

City Hall of Philadelphia
Still image of Philadelphia's City Hall c. 1905

Son of Negro Sharecropper in the field
A Negro sharecropper's son "worming" tobacco leaves on a sharecropping tobacco farm in Wake County, North Carolina.

Ku Klux Klan members at a parade
Three members of the Ku Klux Klan stand next to an automobile during a parade in Virginia, 1922. The parade went through counties in Northern Virginia, not far from the District of Columbia.

Booker T. Washington
This is a photograph of Booker T. Washington

Roland, eleven year old Black newsboy, Newark, New Jersey
Still image of an African American newsboy.

Migrant Workers at Seabrook Farms
Migrant Workers at Seabrook Farms.

Shibe Park, Philadelphia, PA.
Shibe Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies, Athletics, and Eagles. The ballpark was home to the Philadelphia Stars of the Negro League on Mondays in the 1940s.

J. Hampton Moore
J. Hampton Moore was mayor of Philadelphia from 1920-1923. During his tenure as mayor, Moore worked to clean up the streets of Philadelphia.

Old time cabin, Virginia
African American family pictured outside their cabin in Virginia, c. 1900

Domestic servants waiting for street car. Mitchell Street, Atlanta, Georgia
Photo of domestic servants waiting for a street car to go to work early in the morning. In the South, as in the North, many African-American women worked as domestic servants in White homes.

Thirteen-year old sharecropper boy near Americus, Georgia
African American boy behind a plow in rural Georgia, from 1937

Black Levee workers, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
African American workers pushing empty wheel barrows across a narrow wood plank bridge.

Anthony Crawford
African American farmer Anthony Crawford in 1910, six years before his death at the hands of a lynch mob in Abbeville, South Carolina.

Men unloading ballot boxes from the 1926 Pennsylvania election for the  United States Senate, Washington, D.C.
After investigating accusations of voter fraud made by Pennsylvania Governor Gifford Pinchot the United States Senate refused to seat William S. Vare, who had won the 1926 election.

Aerial view of Broad Street Station
Overhead photograph of Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Broad Street Station, Broad & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA

Princess Anne c. 1900-1915
This is a photo of the Princess Anne, a ship that ferried African American's north from Virginia.

George Howard Earle III
An image of George Howard Earle III, 30th governor of Pennsylvania from 1935-1939.

Interior African-American Schoolhouse
In this photo a young African American woman stands in her classroom while her students are working on school work.
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