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An article from the Philadelphia Tribune.

Pres Brotherhood.jpg
This article describes Hotel Brotherhood's honoring of its deceased members through a combined memorial service.

Portest Meeting.jpg
Newspaper article discussing plans for a protest meeting after police brutality.

Martin Obit Clip.JPG
The obituary from the Philadelphia Tribune documents the major accomplishments of Mr. Isadore Martin. Mr. Martin founded Isadore Martin Inc., Realtor, which was a predominately African American realtor, and was carried on by his son, I. Maximilian…

Dingle photo-page-0 cropped.jpg
This photograph depicts Arthur Dingle, president of the 100 block of North Sickels Street Clean Block Club presenting payment for his lifetime membership to Mr. William A. Young, Jr., Chairman of the NAACP Life Membership Committee.

Horn Hardart article.jpeg
This newspaper article describes two separate cases in which Horn and Hardart's restaurant denied African American women service at their Philadelphia location. The general manager, Mr. Kane, placed the blame on the waitresses citing that their…

Pershing Souther Soldiers.jpeg
This newpaper articles discusses General John J. Pershing's defense of African American soldiers' service during WWI. General Pershing opines under similar circumstances in battle, decisions and actions of soldiers are the same regardless of their…

sun ship yard-page-0 cropped.jpg
This newspaper article discusses the launch of the S.S. Marine Raven, the second vessel built by an all African American crew, at Sun Shipyard in Chester, Pennsylvania. This ship was built 30 days after the launch of the S.S. Marine Eagle, the first…

First African Baptist Church.jpg
The article explains the reception held for Dr. Wm. A. Harrod after serving as pastor for a year. The article states that the Pastor has done a fa nominal job with his sermons and sets the standards for those at the First African Baptist Church.

First African Baptist.pdf
The article describes the N.A.A.C.P.'s efforts to recruit support for its causes and receive donations for the First African Baptist Church as well as other citizens and families of Philadelphia.

Ernest Daddy Wright.pdf
The article recounts how a speeding car hit Ernest "Daddy" Wright's car at 4 in the morning, detailing injuries. Officials filed no criminal charges due to the perpetrator's intent to pay for medical attention of those injured.

Isadore Martin Photo.JPG
This photograph, which ran in the Philadelphia Tribune, of West Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. shows President Preston Savage's acceptance of a $500 Life Membership check from Isadore Martin. Martin was formally the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. President, and…

On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Saturday May 2, 1914, the date of publication of this article, The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia. Among the speakers at the engagement was RR Wright Jr. The article discusses Senator…

Philadelphia Tribune Nurse to Work Among Race.pdf
Miss Jane C. Turner, R.N., was appointed by the Philadelphia Health Council to organize a Negro Health Club. The purpose of this club was to promote the health of the African-American community through educational activities and assisting the…

This is an article summarizing the discussion at the Tuskegee Conference that took place two weeks prior to the article's publication. Booker T. Washington intended for the Tuskegee conferences to make sure that African Americans were receiving a…

Segregation in NAACP Article.JPG
This article announced that the N.A.A.C.P. would be addressing segregation in Philadelphia at their Fifteenth Annual Conference. This conference was held between June 25th and July 2nd, 1934.

NAACP Drive Expected To Go Over The Top.pdf
This article explains that, after a great start, the N.A.A.C.P. membership campaign was expected to be a great success. The campaign ran from April 27th to May 12th, with an objective of gathering 2,500 members. The purpose of gathering these new…

George W. Mitchell Article.JPG
The article discusses the establishment and open of the George W. Mitchell Building and Loan Association, which was created to honor Mr. Mitchell's legacy. Mitchell was the pioneer of the building and loan associations in Philadelphia. George W.…

Citizens & Southern Tribune Pictorial 1924.jpg
A newspaper ad in The Philadelphia Tribune advertising The Citizens' and Southern Banking Company. Also shows photographs of bank members and services of the bank.

Lawrence Dunbar.jpg
A meeting held by Paul Lawrence Dunbar at the Zion Baptist Church celebrating the annual Emancipation Day on January 4, 1918. The celebration included speeches, the reading of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, as well as singing.
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