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Grays Ferry.png
Intersection of Grays Ferry Avenue, 28th and Federal Streets.

Ridge Ave 1.jpg
Commercial district in Philadelphia, looking southeast along northeast side of Ridge Ave.

1245 S. St. 2.1.jpg
This is a photo of 1245 South Street, around 1244 South Street, a site recorded in Moore's 1921 Vice Investigations.

Hutchinson Business.jpg
This photo shows the small business, a retail grocery and luncheonette, that was owned by Fannie Hutchinson.

This is an image of homes on 58th street, a block in West Philadelphia of housing for black families.

American Stores Co..jpg
In 1917, four local grocery stories combined to create the American Stores Company.

James Logan School was an all Black school during the Great Migration located at the intersection of 19th street and Reed street.

central high school photo.jpg
Previously located on Broad and Green Street, Central High School was the best of the public boys schools in Philadelphia, PA. Neo-Gothic architecture.

A view of the Chestnut Street Bridge, where Milo Manly watched the Race Riot of 1918.

Citizens and Republican Broad.jpg
The Citizens Republican Club called 503 S. Broad Street home after their formation. In the early years of the club, the organization was housed in the basement of the Union League. 503 South Broad Street, the middle building in this image, was the…

Corner of Broad at South St.jpg
Image of the corner of Broad Street taken from South Street in Philadelphia

elevated line construction.jpg
This is the first single column of the Frankford Elevated Line on Frankford Avenue at Bent #520. It is north of Church Street Looking south.

A photo of the Free Quaker Meeting building located at the South West corner of Arch and 5th in 1917. The Quakers had a strong influence in the city of Philadelphia in the early 1900s.

Electric sign extending from the Galen Drug Store located at South 15th Street and Market Street. Showing the location and what was offered to the people on that block.

This is the Gimbels Department Store in 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This store was once the largest department store chain in the nation as well as the founder of the oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States. This store served as a…

Port Richmond.jpg
An image of a grain elevator at a pier located at East Ann Street and Richmond Street at Port Richmond, Philadelphia along the Delaware River. Grain elevators like this were used to place grain and other foodstuffs on tramp ships for transport to…

Hahnemann Hospital.jpg
A photograph of Hahnemann Hospital 222-236 North Broad Street

The U.S. government established shipyards at Hog Island during WWI. Hog Island employed many Black Philadelphians during the war years.

Storefront photograph of the Horn & Hardart restaurant at 1429 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.
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