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Kitty Woodard traveled north from Georgia to Philadelphia in 1911. She married Forrest W. Woodard, who was the richest African-American man in Philadelphia at one time. He was also owned the Philadelphia Independent, which Kitty Woodard took over…

Eulace Peacock.jpg
This is a photo of Eulace Peacock, an African American track star from Temple University in the 1930s.

NAACP 1943 UA.jpg
Philadelphia NAACP membership, Isadore Martin Sr, seated on left, 1943

March protesting White trolley workers strike against Black trolley operators, Philadelphia, PA., August 1944.

Mosley, John W Collection_Hayre, Ruth Wright Blockson.jpg
Dr. Hayre standing at her desk.

Mosley, John W Collection_Hayre, Ruth Wright (2) Blcokson.jpg
An image of Dr, Hayre at her desk
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