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pa rr broad 1921.jpg
Broad Street Station played a serious role in the First Great Migration. Southern migrants would arrive here, where different employers, churches, and community organizers would meet them to help them adjust to their new lives in Philadelphia

Newspaper ad to see the Lafayette Players at the Dunbar Theater in 1921.

Newton School.jpg
The Newton School was located on 36th Street between Walnut Street and Chestnut Street. The school was an integrated elementary school. I. Maximilian Martin Jr. attended the school, but not until after his father Isadore Martin Sr. threatened…

Catto School.jpg
The O.V. Catto School was an all Black school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 26 North 42nd Street. The school was built so White and Black students did not have to attend school together. Isadore Martin Sr. refused to send his son, I.…

Gimbels, 1899, FLP.jpg
A photo of Gimbels Department Store, Philadelphia, 1899

John T. Gibson Nat Cyc 1919.jpg
Black and white portrait of John T. Gibson, owner of the Standard Theater.
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