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YMCA 1919 (640x406).jpg
A photo of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Building on February 7, 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many YMCA's helped to reduce street fighting by promoting team sports as a medium to settle disputes between different people.

A photo of the Southeast corner of the YMCA building in Philadelphia. Many YMCA's helped to reduce street fighting by promoting team sports as a medium to settle disputes between different people.

Forge shop workers, of mixed ethnicities, pose for a photograph.

Workers on East Flagler Street between Miami and First Avenues, Miami FL.jpg
Black workers digging a trench with pick axes on Flagler Street in Miami.

Black and Immig workers at Coasteville.jpg
A group of African American and immigrant workers at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's Plant in Coatesville, Pa. c. 1910. Pennsylvania had enormous demand for labor in steel mills, and within a decade of incorporating African American workers,…

Black Worker At Nicetown Coatesville.jpg
An African-American worker and a white worker at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's plant in Coatesville, PA c. 1920. Co-operation between African American and white workers was essential to Pennsylvania's prominent steel industry, because of the…

GED 1.jpg
This newspaper article advocates for the election of Lawyer G. Edward Dickerson as representative of the Second Senatorial District of Philadelphia. It lists the many times he has stood up for African-American citizens, including how he defended…

tobacco factory.jpg
In this picture, an African-American woman strips the center stems from tobacco. In some factories, employers paid women by "piecework" whereas others would pay by punch cards. Each pan of tobacco was one punch, generally worth about twenty-five…

Female Students from the Berean Manual Training School reading Crisis and OpportunityMagazines.

1218 North Hutchinson Street in Philadelphia, a view of Mrs. Payton ironing, with Robert Lee standing in the doorway. The photograph was taken by the Housing Association of Delaware Valley, known at the time of the photograph as the Philadelphia…

A photo depicting a race riot mob in Wilmington, North Carolina gathered outside a courthouse.

Black_Laborers Wilington snd Northern RR near New Bridge.jpg
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."

Photo of William Vare, member of the Philadelphia Republican Vare Machine. Along with his brothers, George and Edwin, the Vare's controlled a large portion of South Philadelphia.

William Fields.jpg
Portrait photograph of William Fields

Joseph Trent Article.JPG
In this newspaper article from the Philadelphia Tribune, Joseph Trent discusses how white architects, who design African American Methodist Episcopal Churches, often choose not to use black builders. Trent claims there were numerous occasions in…

A Philadelphia Tribune article advertising St. Mark's Building and Loan Association.

Republican because.jpg
A political advertisement in order to convince African Americans to vote Republican. Asks African Americans to compare principles and practices of the Republican and Democratic Parties in order to help determine which party to support. Lists reasons…

March protesting White trolley workers strike against Black trolley operators, Philadelphia, PA., August 1944.

Summary of studies of African American housing in the city of Philadelphia in the early 1920s
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