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This is an advertisement from the Colored Protective Association, of which R.R. Wright Jr. was president, calling for photographs of "Philadelphia's Colored Heroes," those who died in France or were injured.

Hog Island 50th Way.jpg
The 50th and last slipway built at Hog Island shipyard, making it the largest shipyard in the world at that time.

Berean School Advertisement.PNG
This advertisement encouraged Philadelphians to enroll in the Berean Manual Training & Industrial School on South College Avenue and North 19th Street. The advertisement includes the location of the school, the date for the meeting, the programs…

At the Berean Club .jpg
A glimpse of African American soldiers playing cards alongside nurses at leisure at the Berean Club.

Berean Savings and Loan Ad.PNG
This short newspaper advertisement from the Philadelphia Tribune invites potential customers to attend a meeting of the Berean Building and Loan Association. The text encourages members to deposit their funds with a building and loan association over…

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_verso_005.jpg
A check of nine dollars drafted on December 28, 1917 to Berean Institute. The check was not approved until January 10, 1918.

Starboard view of a dazzle camouflaged Merchant Navy transport ship. This ship was moored in Portsmouth Harbor, UK.

Hog Island Sign 19187012 Nat Archives.jpg
This photograph contains a sign which advertises for 8000 laborers to perform government work at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The sign offers potential laborers $3.85 for a 10 hour day. The sign advertises for boarding and lodging at a cost of $1.00…

Negro Migrant Article.JPG
This newspaper article talks about poor conditions in the south and how the influx of southern African American migrants to the north impacted cities like Philadelphia. It also discusses ways for improving urban conditions in the north to better…

Lawrence Dunbar.jpg
A meeting held by Paul Lawrence Dunbar at the Zion Baptist Church celebrating the annual Emancipation Day on January 4, 1918. The celebration included speeches, the reading of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, as well as singing.

Hog Island Seg.jpg
This Philadelphia Tribune article, written by C. E. Wells, documents the end to segregation at the Hog Island Ship-Yard. The article discusses the long time struggle of the Philadelphia N.A.A.C.P. to end segregation at the government run shipbuilding…

Should Negroes Come North 1918.tif
Informational writing by the Mother Bethel Church outlining the advantages for African Americans to move north. Discusses job, salary and housing issues as well as expresses the support of the Church for this continuing migration.
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