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Forrest White in White's Wander Inn CH (1).jpg
After moving to Philadelphia from the south in 1898, Forrest White Woodard moved from Virginia to Philadelphia in 1898. A professional gambler he was believed to be the wealthiest Black man in Philadelphia by the early 1930s.

According to the article, the estimated amount of money African Americans spend on insurance is nearly two billion dollars, but only about three-million dollars was spent on insurance from African American insurance companies.

EducationalFacilitiesinSouth, 1928.pdf
This article describes the deplorable education provided in the south and the downfalls of the educational system. It suggests that northerners had a poor outlook on southerners migrating up because of the lack of proper education.

Port Richmond.jpg
An image of a grain elevator at a pier located at East Ann Street and Richmond Street at Port Richmond, Philadelphia along the Delaware River. Grain elevators like this were used to place grain and other foodstuffs on tramp ships for transport to…

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