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Beatrice Webster 1940 Census.jpeg
Line #51 of this 1940 Census from Philadelphia lists Beatrice Webster as living with her husband and their niece and nephew at 1326 Alden Street. She was working as a maid and earned $884 a year.

Barber marriage.jpg
This is the county record of the marriage between Howard Lee and Ella McNair in May 1940 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Both already widowed, they decided to marry each other while they hit middle age. Lee was a contractor and McNair was a domestic…

Census Record.jpg
1940 Census sheet showing Ralph, his wife, and in-laws shared a home.

Richard R. Wright speaks to a crowd of parishioners and graduating students at the Mother Bethel church in Philadelphia.

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Photo of individuals attending a dinner to honor George H. Earle at the Philadelphia YWCA, March 7th, 1940. Dinner includes members of different races eating together at the same table.
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