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Black_Laborers Wilington snd Northern RR near New Bridge.jpg
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_verso_008.jpg
A photo of African American Pastors meeting in the Mayor's reception room in 1930. The meeting discussed the relief of the "unfortunate negro men and their families."

Group portrait of Engine 11 firefighters, in front of firehouse. 17 men in uniform. Names included in caption

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_recto_002.jpg
Board members of the Citizens & Southern Bank, including James Irvin, Major R. R. Wright Sr, Harriet Lemon, W.C Williamson, D.H Sims, Emanuel C. Wright, Walter C. Beckett, William Newman, and R.R Wright Jr.

Draft_Board Camp Meade 1918.jpg
African American men at the Camp Meade World War I Draft Board in 1918

A photograph of mixed race workers at a brickyard in Haverstraw, NY. When James Plunkett first left Virginia, he worked at a brickyard in Haverstraw for the summer in 1917.
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