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Group portrait of Engine 11 firefighters, in front of firehouse. 17 men in uniform. Names included in caption

A photograph of mixed race workers at a brickyard in Haverstraw, NY. When James Plunkett first left Virginia, he worked at a brickyard in Haverstraw for the summer in 1917.

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_verso_008.jpg
A photo of African American Pastors meeting in the Mayor's reception room in 1930. The meeting discussed the relief of the "unfortunate negro men and their families."

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_recto_002.jpg
Board members of the Citizens & Southern Bank, including James Irvin, Major R. R. Wright Sr, Harriet Lemon, W.C Williamson, D.H Sims, Emanuel C. Wright, Walter C. Beckett, William Newman, and R.R Wright Jr.

Draft_Board Camp Meade 1918.jpg
African American men at the Camp Meade World War I Draft Board in 1918

Black_Laborers Wilington snd Northern RR near New Bridge.jpg
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."
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