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Brown and Stveens Bank Staff.jpg
This is a collage of staff photos and images of Brown &Stevens Bank. It was the leading Black bank in Philadelphia in the early 1920s before its collapse in 1925.

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Citizens Republican Club, located at 422 S. 15th Street, is the nation's oldest African-American club of its kind. Members of the Citizens Republican Club used their association with the club as a springboard for esteem in the African-American…

Stevens and Asbury Tribune.jpg
The newly elected members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, John Asbury and Andrew Stevens, will "represent the race of the entire state" as they fight for equal rights.

Hotel Dale Advertisement.JPG
The advertisement promotes the Hotel Dale, owned and operated by Mr. E. W. Dale, of Cape May, and promoted by a number of prominent African American men from the Philadelphia area. The Hotel Dale was not segregated, and was described by Maximilian…

From the Philadelphia Tribune, this clipping depicts the Brown & Stevens Bank on Broad Street. This bank was the second African-American owned bank in Philadelphia. The owners--E.C. Brown and Andrew Stevens, Jr.--served as prominent leaders in…
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