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pa rr broad 1921.jpg
Broad Street Station played a serious role in the First Great Migration. Southern migrants would arrive here, where different employers, churches, and community organizers would meet them to help them adjust to their new lives in Philadelphia

Overhead photograph of Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Broad Street Station, Broad & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA

Citizens and Republican Broad.jpg
The Citizens Republican Club called 503 S. Broad Street home after their formation. In the early years of the club, the organization was housed in the basement of the Union League. 503 South Broad Street, the middle building in this image, was the…

Corner of Broad at South St.jpg
Image of the corner of Broad Street taken from South Street in Philadelphia

Utensie HIllian Banquet.png
Newspaper clipping from the Philadelphia Tribune about a banquet honoring Utensie Hillian in 1975. The banquet was held to honor Hillian's retirement from the Zion Baptist Church Day Care center for 20 years, where she was the principal.

South Broad Street.jpg
A negative of South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1904

Real Estate.pdf
This newspaper article details how black Philadephians now own more than eight million dollars worth of property. This has increased from one million dollars over the past 18 years, due to the Great Migration. Additionally, the article details…

Hotel Dale Advertisement.JPG
The advertisement promotes the Hotel Dale, owned and operated by Mr. E. W. Dale, of Cape May, and promoted by a number of prominent African American men from the Philadelphia area. The Hotel Dale was not segregated, and was described by Maximilian…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH006_001.jpg
Located on the corner of Broad and Lombard Streets, Dunbar Theatre became the first theater built and owned by African Americans in Philadelphia and was best known for hosting shows performed by the Lafayette Players.
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