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poinciana hotel LOC.jpg
This photograph depicts the Hotel Poinciana in Palm Beach, Florida, between 1910 and 1920.

Merchants and Miners Docks.JPG
This image is of the Merchants and Miners Docks in Jacksonville, Florida. In the William Steffens interviews he explains how it was from a dock adjacent to these that he escaped North by boat.

Cookman Institute - Jacksonville, Florida.jpg
Photographed drawing of the Cookman Institute in Jacksonville, Florida, 1898. The Cookman Institute was established in 1872 and supported by the Freedmans Aid and Southern Education Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

A restored photograph of a house near a harbor in Key West, Florida, 1900 accessed from the Library of Congress.

Postcard photograph of the Florida East Coast Railway's first train arriving in Key West. The train arrived on January 22, 1912 carrying the railroad's president and financier, Henry M. Flagler .

TurpentineWorkers1912 Wiki.jpg
Colorized postcard of African American men collecting turpentine from trees in Florida.

Workers on East Flagler Street between Miami and First Avenues, Miami FL.jpg
Black workers digging a trench with pick axes on Flagler Street in Miami.

Train schedules Jacksonville FL CH sepia.jpg
Schedules of Seaboard Coast line trains in Jacksonville, Florida
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