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The Hotel Brotherhood, on 1523 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1883 to provide medical benefits for African-American hotel workers. It is one of the earliest examples of a union designed to represent African-Americans,…

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Report concerning locations where illegal activities, such as alcohol consumption and prostitution, were taking place.

Penn Harris Hotel.jpg
This postcard from the Penn-Harris Hotel portrays the building which I. Max Martin spent time at the Penn-Harris Hotel with his father during a savings and loan convention. The two men were given the run around, but both men were eventually…

Orton Hotel.jpg
This is a photo of the Orton Hotel in Wilmington, North Carolina.

New Raleigh Hotel LOC.jpg
This is a picture of the New Raleigh Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Monticello LOC.jpg
Picture of the Monticello Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia circa 1902.

Hotel_Allen_-_postcard wikicommons public domain black and white.jpg
This is a photo of the Hotel Allen, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

An opening advertisement for the Gaff Hotel, a new hotel for African American guests in Philadelphia. The hotel is located on the northwest corner of 40th Street and Filbert Street. The hotel is described as being "new and up-to-date" and having the…
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