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City Hall.jpg
Still image of Philadelphia's City Hall c. 1905

A meeting is to be held to discuss the suspected plans of the South Street Business Men's Association to remove African American's from the police force.

market street.jpg
A photograph of Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, looking from 11th Street.

On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Saturday May 2, 1914, the date of publication of this article, The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia. Among the speakers at the engagement was RR Wright Jr. The article discusses Senator…

George W. Mitchell Article.JPG
The article discusses the establishment and open of the George W. Mitchell Building and Loan Association, which was created to honor Mr. Mitchell's legacy. Mitchell was the pioneer of the building and loan associations in Philadelphia. George W.…

Major R. R. Wright-1.jpg
A newspaper article in the Philadelphia Tribune discussing the 50th anniversary celebration of Major R. R. Wright and Mrs. R. R. Wright, which occurred on June 7, 1927.

Jones Mens Day.jpg
Newspaper Article from the Philadelphia Tribune which discusses Ralph Jones's keynote address at the 85th anniversary service for St. Simon's Church. Jones spoke on the theme "This Time is Mine".

JPEG domestic service.jpg
This newspaper article describes how interactions between Black domestic workers and their White employers define the White perception of the Black race. The article implores the population of domestic workers to uphold a higher standard of service,…

Real Estate.pdf
This newspaper article details how black Philadephians now own more than eight million dollars worth of property. This has increased from one million dollars over the past 18 years, due to the Great Migration. Additionally, the article details…

According to the article, the estimated amount of money African Americans spend on insurance is nearly two billion dollars, but only about three-million dollars was spent on insurance from African American insurance companies.

Negro Migrant Article.JPG
This newspaper article talks about poor conditions in the south and how the influx of southern African American migrants to the north impacted cities like Philadelphia. It also discusses ways for improving urban conditions in the north to better…

This is an advertisement for the real estate brokerage business that was part of the Citizens and Southern Banking and Trust Company founded by R.R. Wright Jr. It lists homes for sale and places up for rent through the company.

Dual List Article.jpg
A short article from The Philadelphia Tribune which discusses a proposal to merge the dual lists of both African-American and white teachers. The dual lists excluded many African-Americans from the field of education.

This brief article from the Philadelphia Tribune pays tribute to Addie W. Dickerson, wife of the reputable G. Edward Dickerson. The article highlights the admirable life of the Philadelphia lawyer.

This article discusses the recent rise of of the Ku Klux Klan throughout the country. According to the article, prominent black leaders in Philadelphia recently received threatening letters from the white supremacist group.

Room for rent.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for rooms to be rented including Christian, Masters, and Locust Streets, among others.

1f68af50b8d2acc88d5732f0a404eae8 2.jpg
I. Maximilian Martin Jr. brought suit against the theatre manager for the Stanley Theatre in Philadelphia on the corner of 16th Street and Market Street. Martin Jr. had the manager arrested and held in jail for forcing Martin Jr, and George Evans…

Richard R. Wright speaks to a crowd of parishioners and graduating students at the Mother Bethel church in Philadelphia.

This is a photo of the intersection of 9th and Montrose Streets, where Philadelphia's Italian Market is still located. In the photo, some stands can be seen. In the 1900s, Italian Americans had a huge influence in this area of Philadelphia, and the…
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