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Dual List Article.jpg
A short article from The Philadelphia Tribune which discusses a proposal to merge the dual lists of both African-American and white teachers. The dual lists excluded many African-Americans from the field of education.

Postcard photo of a Horn & Hardart automat depicting how the automat works.

market street.jpg
A photograph of Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, looking from 11th Street.

This is a newspaper clipping about how Citizens and Southern Bank and Trust Company has helped businesses in Philadelphia. The article rallies for a collective effort in helping businesses succeed and urges readers to open accounts with the bank.

On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Saturday May 2, 1914, the date of publication of this article, The Negro Protective League of Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia. Among the speakers at the engagement was RR Wright Jr. The article discusses Senator…

U.S. Army recruiting poster showing men in civilian dress entering a recruiting office and exiting in military uniform, also gives locations of main recruiting station, sub-stations, and auxiliary stations, and notes that "railroad fare paid from…

JPEG $5 Weekly is Average for Domestic Aide.jpg
Contrasting Miss Evelyn Shuler's account of the "unwillingness" of Black relief receivers to accept available domestic jobs, Edgar W. Roster presented the harsh reality of low wages through advertisements. Instead of toiling long hours each week for…

7810 Lincoln Drive.jpg
Photograph of 7810 Lincoln Drive, originally built in 1906. The home was previously the Richard Residence in Chestnut Hill where Beulah worked as a live-in servant for thirteen years. This photograph captures the house as it stands almost a century…

814 N Hancock 1928 PHA copy 3.jpg
Two children play along the street while their mother does laundry. A man lounges in the background and two people look down from the second story windows of the central house. This photograph shows a glimpse of the poor housing conditions southern…

This is an advertisement for the real estate brokerage business that was part of the Citizens and Southern Banking and Trust Company founded by R.R. Wright Jr. It lists homes for sale and places up for rent through the company.

An advertisement for the first Afro-American Business Day in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917. The Armstrong Association, a organization which provided services and information to the black migrants of Philadelphia endorsed the Business Day.

Black workers constructing a bridge in Philadelphia.

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH027_001.jpg
A poster outlining the upcoming political, educational, and civic rally for black empowerment.

Who is Who in Philadelphia_AME Book Concern_006.jpg
Located at 631 Pine Street, The AME Book Concern was the oldest print shop in the country that was owned and operated by African Americans. The building also housed the Christian Recorder, the oldest African American newspaper

Berean Plain Facts.jpg
An advertisement from the Berean Building and Loan Association to recruit new members. The ad lists Berean statistics such as its 96% mortgage success rate. The advertisement also lists Berean's officers and its meeting schedule.

Beulah Collins D. Roberts 1984 .jpg
Photographic Portrait of Beulah Collins -- a quietly courageous domestic worker who lived to provide an education for her son.

Black teamster city sanitation dept UA .jpg
A Black sanitation worker, collecting trash using horses.

central high school photo.jpg
Previously located on Broad and Green Street, Central High School was the best of the public boys schools in Philadelphia, PA. Neo-Gothic architecture.

Waller-Anderson-Still Collection_verso_005.jpg
A check of nine dollars drafted on December 28, 1917 to Berean Institute. The check was not approved until January 10, 1918.
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