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Ralph Jones Urban Archoves Daily News.jpg
Still photograph of Ralph Jones. Jones was college educated at Howard University and went on to become a journalist with both the Independent and the Tribune.

Still image of Forrest Woodard White posed with chair. White immigrated to the city in 1898 and became the head of the Philadelphia numbers game and thus the wealthiest African American man in the city by 1930.

Should Negroes Come North 1918.tif
Informational writing by the Mother Bethel Church outlining the advantages for African Americans to move north. Discusses job, salary and housing issues as well as expresses the support of the Church for this continuing migration.

Who is Who in Philadelphia_AME Book Concern_006.jpg
Located at 631 Pine Street, The AME Book Concern was the oldest print shop in the country that was owned and operated by African Americans. The building also housed the Christian Recorder, the oldest African American newspaper

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH013_001.jpg
This flyer was for an event held in honor of Amos M. Scott, the first colored magistrate of Philadelphia. This event was held on Thursday evening, December 8, 1921, at Roosevelt Hall (5724 Vine Street). Scott won the election by a majority of 60,000…

Black workers constructing a bridge in Philadelphia.

Freight Handing, Pennsylvania Railroad Yards, 1938 HSP.jpg
African American workers hauling freight at the Pennsylvania Railroad Yards on March 28, 1938

Marsh Creek Section, PRR, 1937, HSP use.jpg
A still image of the Central Railroad in Marsh Creek, near Philadelphia, August 5, 1938.

Standard Theatre 1919 Nat Cyc.jpg
This artistic rendering of the Gibson's New Standard Theatre shows numerous images of the theatre. The top image shows the exterior front view of the building, the second image depicts the view from the stage. The final picture portrays the…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH021_001.jpg
A flyer for events held by the National Negro Business League, an American organization founded in 1900 by Booker T. Washington in Boston, MA to promote the economic development of African Americans. The flyer lists events for the week from August 18…

Beulah Collins D. Roberts 1984 .jpg
Photographic Portrait of Beulah Collins -- a quietly courageous domestic worker who lived to provide an education for her son.

Berean female students Bell, HSP.jpg
As a response to the growing social problems of urban industry in Philadelphia, Dr. Matthew Anderson founded the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School in 1899. The school trained African American workers who migrated to Philadelphia. This…

Berean, students 1933 Bell HSP.jpg
As a response to the growing social problems of urban industry in Philadelphia, Dr. Matthew Anderson founded the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School in 1899. The school trained African-American workers who migrated to Philadelphia. Pictured,…

Part of crowd of 1,000 that stormed City Hall to register to vote 1935 HSP.jpg
Crowd of diverse voters waiting to vote for the election of 1935.

W. L. Bright, First Negro Dining Car Steward 1944 HSP.jpg
White people eating eating at Dining Car Steward being served by African Americans.

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH051_recto_001.jpg
An advertisement for the first "Afro-American Business Day" in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917, which encouraged citizens to support local black small businesses in order for these enterprises to flourish.

Holmes, Samuel Collection_006.jpg
Dinner party for victorious democratic party candidates following the election day, November 9th, 1936. A head table and 6 smaller tables are occupied in the picture.

An advertisement for the first Afro-American Business Day in Philadelphia on July 26, 1917. The Armstrong Association, a organization which provided services and information to the black migrants of Philadelphia endorsed the Business Day.

Richard R. Wright speaks to a crowd of parishioners and graduating students at the Mother Bethel church in Philadelphia.

Hayre, RW Collection_MS001RH015_verso_002.jpg
A flyer advertising the Douglas Building & Loan Association for potential new investors. The contents of the flyer detail the benefits new members have, such as money borrowing and house purchasing, courtesy of the company.
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