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Beatrice Webster 1940 Census.jpeg
Line #51 of this 1940 Census from Philadelphia lists Beatrice Webster as living with her husband and their niece and nephew at 1326 Alden Street. She was working as a maid and earned $884 a year.

Polite Temple Baptist Church, in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia at 38 E. Price St. where narrator Lillie McKnight attended and was named "Mother of the Church."

St. Peter Clavers church.jpg
Photo from Golden Jubilee of St. Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia, PA.

1933 November Volume.11 No.2 Page 43 to 50.pdf
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27th and South St 1935.jpg
A street view photograph of the intersection of 27th and South Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Newton's Coal Yard, where many migrants from the South worked, was located at this intersection in the early 1900s.

The Hotel Brotherhood, on 1523 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1883 to provide medical benefits for African-American hotel workers. It is one of the earliest examples of a union designed to represent African-Americans,…

The Pythian Temple in South Philadelphia was moved to the corner of 19th and Addison Streets in 1913 and was once the home of the Knights of Pythias, an organization founded in South Philadelphiaby B.G. Collier in 1907. It is now the Addison Condos…

This image captures the early playground equipment in Seger Park following the block's demolition and the erection of the recreation center.

South Street Looking East from Broad Street adjusted.jpg
This is a photograph of Broad Street and South Street looking east from Broad Street.

1245 S. St. 2.1.jpg
This is a photo of 1245 South Street, around 1244 South Street, a site recorded in Moore's 1921 Vice Investigations.

January 8, 1921 MissDella.jpg
In 1921, Mayor J. Hampton Moore hired private vice investigators to observe and report on criminal activity in the Seventh ward.

506 S. 11th St.jpg
On this was once of a boarding house run by a Miss Della, a location recorded in Mayor Moore's 1921 vice reports.

tenderloin flophouse.png
The Tenderloin "flophouse" was owned by Leon Weingrad, brother of Albert Weingrad, who an inspector of voting lists. Flophouses were locations of criminal activity in the Tenderloin district. On the back of the image, 52 men were listed as…

March protesting White trolley workers strike against Black trolley operators, Philadelphia, PA., August 1944.

Durham School 4 copy.jpg
Students doing calisthenics in the Thomas Durham School, 16th and Lombard, Philadelphia, PA, June 1914.

This photograph features a trolley car on the intersection of 5th and Arch Streets, as a police officer directs traffic. Philadelphia had one of the nation’s largest trolley systems, which enabled people without cars to travel inexpensively almost…

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.01.56 PM.png
Drawing of the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, a famous Chestnut Hill church in Philadelphia

Joseph S. Clark served as Mayor of Philadelphia from 1952 to 1956 and as United States Senator from Pennsylvania from 1957 to 1969. He was a part of the Democratic Party, and had a major impact of desegregating City Hall in the 1950s, hiring…

Port Richmond.jpg
An image of a grain elevator at a pier located at East Ann Street and Richmond Street at Port Richmond, Philadelphia along the Delaware River. Grain elevators like this were used to place grain and other foodstuffs on tramp ships for transport to…

1f68af50b8d2acc88d5732f0a404eae8 2.jpg
I. Maximilian Martin Jr. brought suit against the theatre manager for the Stanley Theatre in Philadelphia on the corner of 16th Street and Market Street. Martin Jr. had the manager arrested and held in jail for forcing Martin Jr, and George Evans…
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