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Black and Immig workers at Coasteville.jpg
A group of African American and immigrant workers at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's Plant in Coatesville, Pa. c. 1910. Pennsylvania had enormous demand for labor in steel mills, and within a decade of incorporating African American workers,…

Black Worker At Nicetown Coatesville.jpg
An African-American worker and a white worker at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's plant in Coatesville, PA c. 1920. Co-operation between African American and white workers was essential to Pennsylvania's prominent steel industry, because of the…

An article from Opportunity Magazine written by Alex Manly. He describes the prejudice hiring practices by Philadelphia industries, pointing out that there are very few African Americans employeed as machinists, specifically.

Lukens Workers 1939.jpg
An image of five black Lukens Steel Mill workers taken in Coatesville, Pennsylvania during the late 1930s. Pompey Robinson was the trimmer and William Taylor, Samuel Allen, James Pearson and John Lewis were side-hands. This image depicts the clothing…

Forge shop workers, of mixed ethnicities, pose for a photograph.

Men of mixed ethnicities and ages take a break from furnace and cupola work to pose for a photograph.
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