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Butter Churn.jpg
"The churn is covered with a cloth to keep the flies out. Note chair seat of split white oak. Chair making is a local craft long developed in this region. Randolph County, North Carolina"

Chilren-African-American-Museum-in-Philadelphia 2.jpg
Seven children, three boys and four girls, pose for a photograph. They are mosly smiling and a few are barefoot. The children, especially the girls, could be dressed in their Sunday best.

cotton on porch.jpg
Cotton sits on the porch of a sharecropper's home, waiting to be collected and sold by the White farm owner. Black sharecroppers grow and harvest cotton, then the White landowners take the cotton into town and sell it. After "calculating the debts"…

A Negro sharecropper's son "worming" tobacco leaves on a sharecropping tobacco farm in Wake County, North Carolina.
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