Samuel D. Holmes Collection, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University Libraries

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Dinner for Victorious Democratic Party
Dinner party for victorious democratic party candidates following the election day, November 9th, 1936. A head table and 6 smaller tables are occupied in the picture.

Testimonial Dinner to Honor George H. Earle at YWCA
Photo of individuals attending a dinner to honor George H. Earle at the Philadelphia YWCA, March 7th, 1940. Dinner includes members of different races eating together at the same table.

Photographic portrait of Samuel D. Holmes
A photographic portrait of Samuel D. Holmes in sepia tone; he is wearing a tuxedo and does not stare directly at the camera.

Portrait of Samuel D. Holmes
A photographic portrait of Samuel D. Holmes. He is wearing a black and white tuxedo and stares directly at the camera, smiling.

Unknown family poses for portrait
An unidentified family poses for a serious family portrait.

Come one, Come all! To the Sesquicentennial Exposition!
Hosted by the Committee of Negro Activities, this flyer advertises an exposition to celebrate American independence.

The Sesquicentennial Philadelphia
An image of the Liberty Bell, iconic to Philadelphia, in between two black figures, with Crispus Attucks (left), labeled "the first to fall," referring to his death at the Boston Massacre. A black soldier stands (right) demonstrating blackā€¦

Berean Building and Loan Association - 'Plain Facts'
An advertisement from the Berean Building and Loan Association to recruit new members. The ad lists Berean statistics such as its 96% mortgage success rate. The advertisement also lists Berean's officers and its meeting schedule.
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