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Butter Churn.jpg
"The churn is covered with a cloth to keep the flies out. Note chair seat of split white oak. Chair making is a local craft long developed in this region. Randolph County, North Carolina"

BW 1920.jpeg
Line #6 of this 1940 Census from Philadelphia lists Beatrice Webster as living with her husband and their young niece on Garnet Street.

Beatrice Webster 1940 Census.jpeg
Line #51 of this 1940 Census from Philadelphia lists Beatrice Webster as living with her husband and their niece and nephew at 1326 Alden Street. She was working as a maid and earned $884 a year.

Negro Bus in Phila 1916.jpg
Map of African American businesses in Philadelphia in 1916

Douglass Hospital, Af Am Museum .jpg
Exterior of the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School

Mercy  Hospital c. 1908 copy.jpg
Mercy Hospital

Casselle Undertaker copy.jpg
Magazine illustration of Walter Casselle's South Philadelphia funeral parlor located at 913-17 S. 17th Street. Walter W. H. Casselle opened the first Black-owned funeral parlor here in 1912, eventually becoming the largest and most modern facility in…

Starr Garden Special Collections Temple.jpg
Children playing in a pool a Starr Garden at 617 Rodman Street. Site of the College Settlement and the W. E. B. DuBois House, Starr Garden offered social services and opportunities to the poor, immigrants, and African Americans. These services…

Newly_dedicated_home_of_the_O_V_Catto_Lodge_of_Elks (1).jpg
One of the largest African-American organizations in Philadelphia, the O.V. Catto Elks Lodge swelled from 600 members in 1921 to over 3,000 by 1926. That year, the wealthy Forrest White Woodard, who ran an illegal “numbers” gambling operation, gave…

Pres Brotherhood.jpg
This article describes Hotel Brotherhood's honoring of its deceased members through a combined memorial service.

Advertisement promoting D.W. Griffith's 1915 film,Birth of a Nation.

From Booker T. Washington, Builder of a Civilization, the image's caption reads: "Mr. Washington was a great believer in the sweet potato. He personally supervised the work of preparing for sweet potato planting."

This early 20th-century postcard depicts Lit Brothers, a prominent department store located at 8th and Market.


According to thisTribunereport, the May 31, 1920 cornerstone laying ceremony for the new building of the Hotel Brotherhood, the union and fraternal organization representing hotel workers, attracted 10,000 attendees who witnessed a parade with…

Front & South City Archives.jpg
Photo of bustling Saturday market day at South and Front Street, Philadelphia, PA, in the early 1900s.

Princess Anne Academy football team early 1920s.jpg
Photograph of African American football players and coach, Princess Anne Academy, Maryland

Virginia Coal Club Tindley Temple copy.jpg
Photograph of members of the Virginia Fuel Club at Tindley Temple, Philadelphia PA.
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