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Earliest Hilldale Team Picture, Darby, Pa.
Under the leadership of postal worker Ed Bolden, a Darby boys club team became the Hilldale Daisies. Winners of Eastern Colored League pennants in 1923-25, the Hilldale club would lose to the Kansas City Monarchs, five games to four, in the first…

Mercy-Douglass Hospital before razing
A speech is being given from a very American rostrum to both black and white citizens in front of the hospital before it is razed. Men, women and children are present for the speech.

Mercy-Douglass Hospital X-Ray Department
Mrs. Edith Longley, Chief Technician, and two students position patient.

Hilldale Athletic Club
Also known as the Darby Daises, The Hilldale Club was a professional African American professional baseball team in Darby, PA.

Mr. and Mrs. Farrelly
Mr. & Mrs. Farrelly seated, Henrietta deNuilly and sister standing, circa 1895.

Dunbar Theatre advertisement
This photo is of a flyer for the Dunbar Theatre on Broad and Lumbar Street in Philadelphia,PA.

Train Schedules in Jacksonville, Florida
Schedules of Seaboard Coast line trains in Jacksonville, Florida

Children Leaning on a Fence
Seven children, three boys and four girls, pose for a photograph. They are mosly smiling and a few are barefoot. The children, especially the girls, could be dressed in their Sunday best.

Brown & Stevens, The North's Leading Negro Bankers
This is a collage of staff photos and images of Brown &Stevens Bank. It was the leading Black bank in Philadelphia in the early 1920s before its collapse in 1925.

Crosby Brittenum
Photographic portrait of African-American barber Crosby Brittenum

Bessie Yancey
Photographic portrait of Bessie Yancey

Walter Gay
Photographic portrait of African American lawyer Walter Gay

Cotton field workers in Georgia
African American men, women and children standing next to just picked cotton in a Georgia farm field.

The corner of 13th and Lombard  Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Photograph of the corner of 13th and Lombard Streets, Philadelphia, PA, circa 1928.

Mercy Hospital
Mercy Hospital

Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School
Exterior of the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital and Training School
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