Leather Lungs


Leather Lungs


Joseph A. Marshall




Courtesy of Joseph Marshall

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Joseph A. Marshall
Photo of Joseph A. Marshall, officer in Engine Company 11 of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Engine Company 11 Group c. 1918
This picture depicts Engine Company 11 c. 1918. In the back row from left to right Hoseman Adolph Reyes, Augustus K. Wood, Peter C. Graham, James A. Beatie, James G. Davis, David G. Mullen, Howard Graham, Arthur "Lucky" Wright, Nathanial Davis, James…

Engine 11, group portrait with Joesph Marshall
Group portrait of Engine 11 firefighters, in front of firehouse. 17 men in uniform. Names included in caption

Platoon A, Engine 11 Group Portrait
Group portrait of members of Platoon A, Engine 11. Ten firefighters in uniform in firehouse. Names listed in caption.
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