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Mapping the Great Migration

Explore the history of early to mid 20th century Black Philadelphia through eyes of Isadore Martin Sr., Alexander L. Manly, and their sons I. Maximilian Martin Jr. and Milo Manly. Follow their journeys, in the Historypin Tour below, from the Jim Crow South to the Quaker city of brotherly love, or click through the pinned items on the Historypin map, which tell individual stories from all four men's lives.

These four men experienced the migration of hundreds of thousands of Black southerners to Philadelphia. During the Historypin tour of Philadelphia, keep in mind the following...

1) The different reasons why Martin and Manly left the South.

2) Why Philadelphia attracted southern African American migrants?

3) Where did the southern migrants worked and lived?

4)  How did life in Philadelphia compare with life in the South?

5) How did Pennsylvania's 1935 Equal Rights Bill change black Philadelphia?

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