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Wilmington and Northern Railroad Laborers
African-American laborers working on the Wilmington and Northern Railroad near the "New Bridge."

Camp Meade Draft Board
African American men at the Camp Meade World War I Draft Board in 1918

Forge Shop Employees
Forge Shop employees, of mixed races, pose together for a photograph.

Furnace and Cupola Workers
Men of mixed ethnicities and ages take a break from furnace and cupola work to pose for a photograph.

Workmen from Forge Shop
Forge shop workers, of mixed ethnicities, pose for a photograph.

Motion Picture Squad
Men working on a motion picture.

Aerial view of the Midvale Steel Works in the Nicetown neighborhood of Philadelphia
Aerial view of the flagship plant of the Midvale Steel Works, located in Nicetown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Workers at the Midvale Steel Plant in Coatesville, Pa.
An African-American worker and a white worker at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's plant in Coatesville, PA c. 1920. Co-operation between African American and white workers was essential to Pennsylvania's prominent steel industry, because of the…

Workers at the Midvale Steel Plant in Coatesville, Pa.
A group of African American and immigrant workers at Midvale Steel and Ordinance Company's Plant in Coatesville, Pa. c. 1910. Pennsylvania had enormous demand for labor in steel mills, and within a decade of incorporating African American workers,…

Baldwin Locomotive Works, Eddystone, PA
An aerial view of the Baldwin Locomotive Works located in Eddystone, PA.

Night Fire Fighters, 1919
A photo of Night Fire Fighters from South Philadelphia with a fire engine in 1919.
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