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An image of Charles Vance from 1984.

Mathew Anderson Temple.jpg
A formal studio portrait of Matthew Anderson, who formed the Berean Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, c. 1880.

sadie tanner.jpg
Sadie Alexander, one of the first African American women in the nation to earn her PhD (in 1921 from the University of Pennsylvania), became assistant City Solicitor in Philadelphia. Her successful, educated family exemplifies the "Old…

Hayre, RW Collection_MS011RH007_001.jpg
A poster advertising the upcoming showing of Nannie H. Burroughs' pageant that showcases the abilities of black women as potential workers outside of the home.

Negro Bus in Phila 1916.jpg
Map of African American businesses in Philadelphia in 1916

An article from the Philadelphia Tribune.

Pres Brotherhood.jpg
This article describes Hotel Brotherhood's honoring of its deceased members through a combined memorial service.

poinciana hotel LOC.jpg
This photograph depicts the Hotel Poinciana in Palm Beach, Florida, between 1910 and 1920.

City Hall.jpg
Still image of Philadelphia's City Hall c. 1905

A restored photograph of a house near a harbor in Key West, Florida, 1900 accessed from the Library of Congress.

South Broad Street.jpg
A negative of South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1904

An article from the Evening Ledger called "Interesting Sidelights of a Day's News Graphically Told by the Camera" depicts daily Philadelphia life in December 1915. The article, which focuses primarily on white life, is both a comparison and contrast…

An article from the Evening Ledger newspaper on Valentine's Day, 1916 shows a collage of industrialized Philadelphia, particularly the Kensington textile manufacturing district, the Reading and Pennsylvania Railroad tracks, and the Midvale Steel…

A meeting is to be held to discuss the suspected plans of the South Street Business Men's Association to remove African American's from the police force.

East Calvary.png
Good-Will Industries outlines a plan for the reconstruction of several churches in Philadelphia, as well as a new Black church to accommodate 3000 residents.

Classified advertisements for real estate for purchase. One ad lists"several colored clients" looking to purchsase homes. Another, placed by realtorIsadore Martin,lists several West Philadelphia properties available for sale.

Announcement for the twentieth annual commencement of the Berean Manual Training and Industrial School, an African American vocational school. The event will consist of awards given to graduates, a professional march by the school, and a commencement…

Article announces efforts by Philadelphia physicians and nurses to involve the local Black population in preventing the spread of tuberculosis. Isadore Martin, Sr. and A.L. Manly both serve on the Philadelphia Tuberculosis Committee.

market street.jpg
A photograph of Market Street in Philadelphia, PA, looking from 11th Street.

Lukens Workers 1939.jpg
An image of five black Lukens Steel Mill workers taken in Coatesville, Pennsylvania during the late 1930s. Pompey Robinson was the trimmer and William Taylor, Samuel Allen, James Pearson and John Lewis were side-hands. This image depicts the clothing…
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