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Hilldale Club circa 1930 .jpg
Also known as the Darby Daises, The Hilldale Club was a professional African American professional baseball team in Darby, PA.

Shibe Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies, Athletics, and Eagles. The ballpark was home to the Philadelphia Stars of the Negro League on Mondays in the 1940s.

stars 1933.jpg
The Philadelphia Stars were founded in 1933 by Ed Bolden. The Negro League team won the pennant in 1934, their first year in the league.

hilldale daisies.jpg
The Hilldale Daisies team photo 1921. The Daisies were a member of the Eastern Colored League and with Ed Bolden at the helm, were a force to be reckoned with in African American baseball.

ed bolden.jpg
Ed Bolden was a prominent member of the African American baseball scene not only in Philadelphia, but across the United States. Bolden was instrumental in the beginning steps of desegration of Major League Baseball by promoting the skills of African…

This article highlights the prevalence of social groups, which formed as an outlet for community and entertainment. Outlined are the elected officers for the Broad St. Station Club, a baseball organization, as well as a description of their uniforms.…
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