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A photo of Hog Island Shipyard in Philadelphia c 1919. Pictured are the docks and ships, as well as many of the individuals who worked on the shipyard. At the time, Hog Island Shipyard was the largest shipyard in the world, built by the American…

east from central - scaled.jpg
A photo of Central Time Station looking east toward Hog Island Shipyard. The area is of note for it being the largest shipyard in the world at the time (1918) after the US Government contracted American International Shipbuilding to construct a…

Hog Island Winter Abbreviated.mp4
Footage of workers, both Black and White, working on the snow-covered shipways at Hog Island Shipyard in 1917.

Hog Island 50th Way.jpg
The 50th and last slipway built at Hog Island shipyard, making it the largest shipyard in the world at that time.
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