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Hog Island Winter Abbreviated.mp4
Footage of workers, both Black and White, working on the snow-covered shipways at Hog Island Shipyard in 1917.

The Hotel Brotherhood, on 1523 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1883 to provide medical benefits for African-American hotel workers. It is one of the earliest examples of a union designed to represent African-Americans,…

Workers on East Flagler Street between Miami and First Avenues, Miami FL.jpg
Black workers digging a trench with pick axes on Flagler Street in Miami.

Lukens Steel Co postcard Flickr.jpg
Postcard of the Lukens Steel plant in Coatesville, PA.

An article from Opportunity Magazine written by Alex Manly. He describes the prejudice hiring practices by Philadelphia industries, pointing out that there are very few African Americans employeed as machinists, specifically.

A photo of Hog Island Shipyard in Philadelphia c 1919. Pictured are the docks and ships, as well as many of the individuals who worked on the shipyard. At the time, Hog Island Shipyard was the largest shipyard in the world, built by the American…

Lukens Workers 1939.jpg
An image of five black Lukens Steel Mill workers taken in Coatesville, Pennsylvania during the late 1930s. Pompey Robinson was the trimmer and William Taylor, Samuel Allen, James Pearson and John Lewis were side-hands. This image depicts the clothing…

Construction of railroad tracks in Philadelphia September 6 1922.jpg
Image of African American workers along the tracks in Philadelphia.

Image of African American railroad workers on the job in 1917.

Levee Campc1900.jpg
A Mississippi River Levee Camp. Charles Vance never worked on a levee camp in Mississippi, but this photo of a levee camp represents what he may have experienced working in one.

3 Negroes Shot...,Phila. Inquirer (Vol177, Iss28, Pg1, 28 July 1917).pdf
An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Chester Race Riots. The article mentions the shootings of 3 African-Americans and a warning from Philadelphia police of reports that African-Americans from that city were intending to come to…

Men of mixed ethnicities and ages take a break from furnace and cupola work to pose for a photograph.

Freight Handing, Pennsylvania Railroad Yards, 1938 HSP.jpg
African American workers hauling freight at the Pennsylvania Railroad Yards on March 28, 1938

Black workers constructing a bridge in Philadelphia.

Forge Shop employees, of mixed races, pose together for a photograph.
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