Negroes Are No Slackers


Negroes Are No Slackers


H. W. Jenkins, R. B. N., World War I, WWI


H. W. Jenkins responds to a letter written to the Evening Public Ledger in regards to African American soldiers fighting in World War I.


H. W. Jenkins


Evening Public Ledger


WCU, HIS 602/ HON 432 , Great Migration and Digital Story Telling, Fall 2014


Tuesday, August 21, 1917


Margaret Tracy, Erica Knorr






To the Editor of the Evening Ledger:
     Sir---In your great publication of the 13th instant there appeared an article by R. B. N. asking "Why draft the Indian?" He was right in defending the Indians. In the same article he attacked the negro, and asked why shouldn't he fight. He cited what the northern white man did for him in the sixties. Mr. R. B. N. spoke as if we are not thankful for what has been done for us and as though the race were all slackers. He, like many thousands of his race, does not read the records of the negro or he would not have asked the question, "Why shouldn't he fight?"
     From the Revolution down to the present day the negro has played well his part in all the wars of this great country, and before this war is over he will be found doing his part for the Stars and Stripes.
     I am the son of a negro soldier. My father and two of my uncles fought in the Civil War. One of my uncles lost his life and my father his right arm during the struggle, and I am proud of the record they left behind. You will remember that President Lincoln did not call the black man until things were going against the Union. It will be so in this war. So Mr. R. B. N. please ask why he is not being trained, for he is ready at all times to do and die for Old Glory.   H.W.JENKINS.
     Atlantic City, August 15.

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