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Major R. R. Wright, the founder of Citizens and Southern Bank, stands outside its doors. Wright created Citizens and Southern in response to the failings of other Black-owned banks. He kept his bank small, and it was one of the few to re-open after…

Brown and Stveens Bank Staff.jpg
This is a collage of staff photos and images of Brown &Stevens Bank. It was the leading Black bank in Philadelphia in the early 1920s before its collapse in 1925.

A photograph of the People's Savings Bank Building on Lombard Street. Published as a part of the Who's Who in Philadelphia series. It was the first bank managed by blacks and was organized in Philadelphia by Congressman George H. White, of North…

Cit and Southern banking card.jpg
Invitation from The Citizens' and Southern (C & S) Banking Company in Philadelphia to begin banking with them. Detailed description of some banking regulations as well as advice to save money in order to buy a home. C & S originally was headquartered…
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